About Laurel

Laurel ReinhardtLaurel Reinhardt, Ph.D.
President of InnerLandscaping / Healing Path Quilts, Inc.

Laurel is dedicated to helping people illuminate their own inner landscape to create wellness, self-empowerment, joy and freedom. To this end she offers joy/wellness coaching, dream coaching, and facilitated Transformation Games, as well as a variety of fiber art products, including labyrinth quilts of various shapes and sizes.

Mission statement: Re-ignite de-light within.

Check out my store on Etsy for the small items you see here.
"Just to say, what a great comfort your quilt has been during my convalescence! During my time in the nursing home, especially, it was a ray of sunshine, showing the path back to my life."
- Steve

I would love to hear from you via email at InnerLandscaping@aol.com. Please feel free to check out my products and services if you are interested in purchasing a quilt, totems, placemats, or any patterns, books, or materials.