LIfe/Wellness/Joy Coaching: A Guiding Hand for Re-igniting De-light Within

Preparing to Walk

My Coaching Process

People often ask me to describe the way I work. I liken it to psychic acupuncture, clearing the blocks to the free flow of joy in, around, and through us.

Together we will:

  • define your dream(s)
  • set intentions related to those dreams
  • plan action steps to achieve your dreams
  • play with methods for moving through any obstacles, such as fear
  • determine an appropriate structure (for you) for support

Walking the LabyrinthTools of the Trade: I use a variety of ‘œtools’ to help people release blockages and access their wholeness and joy:

At the Center

Dreamwork: Dreaming is where it all begins.  Whether these are wakeful visions, or nighttime nudges, dreams are what guide us, even propel us forwards to create our greatest possible selves. (See my journal post of 1/19/12 for an example of how I work with dreams; I also invite people to work with their dreams non-verbally, through drawing, painting, collaging, etc.)

DreamScapes/Collages: Make your own out of paper, or have me make one out of fiber, as a way to remember or continue exploring a ‘big’ dream – ”one which has especially strong resonance for you. Please check out my etsy shop for an example and pricing.

Labyrinths: Whether they are ‘walked’ with one’s feet, fingers, or eyes, labyrinths of any type help people relax their bodies, quiet their minds, focus their thoughts, and enter their centers where their deepest wisdom resides. Start with a dream, or discover one on the path; labyrinths bring them into focus and help you set your intentions around them.

Intentions: After the dream comes the intention to make it so. Without an intention dreams might be just bits of undigested food, nice stories or, at worst, nightmares; a collage is just something pretty to look at; a labyrinth can be just a nice walk; a game is just a pleasant passage of time with some friends. Once an intention is set, the universe knows just what to deliver: guidance, insight, creativity, transformation, the whole enchilada. (One of your daily intentions might be: This is going to be the best day ever!)

Appreciation Journal: One of the best ways I know to do move into joy is to feel appreciative of the many things which life has to offer each and every day. Whether it is a major breakthrough, or a moment of tranquility, appreciation is key. And writing one down each day helps to remind us on those darkest of days that there are wonderful moments just ahead.

Accountability: Having someone to whom you are ‘accountable’ for your joy can be quite helpful. Whether this is me or a good friend is your choice, but I recommend brief (5-10 minutes) but frequent meetings, at least at the beginning of this journey. We can check in several times a week via email, phone, voice mail, Skype, etc. Later on, once a week, month, or even year might be sufficient. My own practice includes a group with whom I meet weekly. When I have to come to them and tell them why each day was the best day ever, it keeps me alert for those moments during the week which might otherwise pass by unnoticed. (After just two weeks of this practice, a former client was shocked by a friend telling her that she was no longer the unpleasant cynic she had grown accustomed to her being.)

The Transformation Game  Transform your life through play – what a concept! Set an intention, move around your own individual path, encounter angels, bestow blessings, create miracles, explore setbacks, gain insights, exercise free-will, enjoy appreciation, offer service, practice your intuition. In an atmosphere of playfulness, explore an issue in depth, and summon an expanded you! Games can be played as an individual, or with up to three other players. Invite your friends to join you, or make new ones on the journey.

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"Thank you for your gift. I didn't know what it was. I put it on my lap and started working with it, and was so relaxed! I was amazed!"
- Betty Pease, recipient of a draping lap labyrinth from her son and daughter-in-law

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