• Make regular play dates with yourself to do one of those things you are always too busy to do but which you really enjoy.
  • Do something similar to the things you most enjoyed as a child. (For example: if you liked making up stories, try writing or storytelling. if you liked banging on pots and pans, take a drumming workshop. if you liked playing dress-up, go try on some clothes, just for the fun of it.)
  • Imagine every cell in your body as a happy face, giggling.
  • Quit listening to/reading your usual news sources. (Try this for 1 week; this includes “Women’s magazines.”)
  • Check out positive news sites, such as:  http://www.positivenews.org.uk/cgi-bin/Positive_News/welcome.cgi.
  • When you feel irritated by someone, search for something you appreciate about them instead.
  • Remember the “glow” from when you first met your current partner? Come from that space the next time you see them.
  • Look for things to smile or laugh about, remembering that the joy comes from within you.

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