Joyful new phrases to share

Have a grateful day! A friend told me he heard this from a cashier, and it brought me up short. I am always telling people to have a great day, but this feels so much better – because if I am having a grateful day, it is automatically a great one.

Enjoy your treatment. I recently heard this from an acupuncturist. It was a great reminder to focus on enjoyment, and I did. I enjoyed the tingling sensation running up my legs, I enjoyed listening to the various breathings of the other people in the room (this is a traditional style clinic in which several people are treated at once), I enjoyed looking at the tree and sky through the skylight. I enjoyed taking an hour with my own thoughts, as I focused them on feeling better.

Make a loving, not a living. I truly believe that if you love what you do, the living part will automatically follow. So try loving what you do, or do something else. (I’m not always able to do this myself, but it is a good practice for a master.)

Today is the best day ever! Someone in my MasterMind group began starting his days with this; I followed suit, and it really makes a difference in how my day goes.

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