You laugh a lot, dancing along your merry way!

This is an Insight Card message from the Transformation Game, a card which I draw fairly regularly. Sometimes it is a reminder of what I need to do; sometimes it is a pat on the back for how I’m living my life in that moment. When I drew it this past Sunday, as Bonnie Cooper and I were offering Earth Fare goers a taste of the Transformation Game, the card had multiple meanings. When we were finished with the Game and checking out with some food, we witnessed a cashier who was living this message in the moment, and his energy was exhilarating and contagious; both Bonnie and I wanted to dance right there. The next day, something happened (with my car) which I initially allowed to depress my energy, until I remembered the night before, and the message: – You laugh a lot, dancing along your merry way. The rest of the day I attempted to stay true to that message and, the next day, the problem with the car was easily (and cheaply) resolved.

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