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A Valentine’s Day Quiz – Do you really care enough to send the very best – to yourself?

Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
  • How often do you smile during the day? (Extra credit: smiling for no apparent reason.)
  • When was the last time you laughed out loud? (Extra credit: laughing for no apparent reason – it just pops out of you.)
  • Do you have any sacred cows? (Topics which you consider too serious to laugh about – ever?)
  • Under what circumstances do you feel most joyful? (Did you ever notice that the common thread in all those circumstances is you?)
  • Do you consciously bring your inner joy to your: day? work? relationships? How?
  • If you find something (including a thought) upsetting, how often do you choose to turn away from it and focus on something uplifting instead?
  • Go back to your earliest memories of yourself as a child:
    • What were you most likely to do when playing unsupervised?
    • How often do you engage in similar activities as an adult?
  • What do you do to actively bring joy to a(ny) relationship after the first glow is gone?

*There are no wrong answers, and none will be provided, but coming soon are suggestions for keeping the glow going in your life.

Check out this picture for a reminder of what joy is like: