A Magical Thanksgiving

It began with a late afternoon car ride down to Charlotte. As I approached the city, traffic came to a near standstill and I began calculating how much time I had left to get to my flight; if we continued at our current pace, I would miss it for sure. “Let go, relax, and trust,” said my inner voice, and within moments we were moving swiftly. As I approached the extended stay parking area, I was informed that my usual lots (1,2, and 3, which charge $4/day) were closed. Now what? I could feel panic rising up. “Let go, relax, and trust,” came again, and then there was a sign which directed me to lot #4, where I was charged a mere $10 for the entire 10 days I would be gone. At the terminal, I put my bag on the scale and watched the numbers climb: 25, 33, 38, 47. . . 50! I breathed a sigh of relief and headed to my gate, where I sat as our boarding time came and went, then our flight time came and went. I only had 55 minutes between touchdown and take off in Detroit, and I usually had to go from 1 concourse to another.. “Let go, relax, and trust.” I have a pass to the Sky Club; I’ll have food, drink, and a comfy place to sleep if necessary. When I deplaned, I discovered that my next flight was just finishing boarding at the very next gate. During both flights, I had free wifi, so I was able to handle those last minute e-mails I hadn’t gotten to at home. I landed in Madison and was taken to my friends’ house where the Nutcracker Sweet tea I had asked for was waiting for me. “A client just happened to gift me with me it, so I didn’t have to buy it,” she said, smiling. And the magic, and gratitude, just keep coming, including the sighting of a pair of bald eagles just a few hundred feet from me. I hope you all had as magical a Thanksgiving as I and my friends did.

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