The labyrinth is an ancient tool for self discovery. In following a winding path, you find your way to the center, the interior realm, your own true Self. You cannot get lost on this path, though you may not always know exactly where you are or how far you are from the center.

In putting this concept into quilt form, the path is made from one fabric, while the rest of the quilt is made up of fabrics of a variety of colors and patterns representing things already seen, or hoped to be seen, along the way.  At the center rests a mandala pattern of your choosing.

Whether you make your own labyrinth quilt from my pattern, or have me make one for you, each is unique because the fabrics for the path and all that you see along the way are chosen with you or your family in mind.  I recommend finer cottons from specialty quilt shops, though any 100% cotton fabric will do. You can also order specially-dyed fabrics to make your quilt even more unique.

Your labyrinth quilt can be a bare-bones, labyrinth-only style (the octagon you see here), or the labyrinth can appear on a background with Celtic or other borders framing it, and family photos or symbols (of dreams, businesses, etc.) added to make it a truly unique work of art.

Though most of my art is labyrinth-related, you will also see works related to Chinese five element theory, meditation, images of great galaxies or sub-atomic particles, or items made just for the sheer fun of it (ex: I now make multi-colored purses/travel bags with laptop computer inserts).


LITURGICAL STOLES:  I have begun making liturgical stoles (see photos above). You can order a custom stole, or find some of my work at

THE DREAMER’S CORNER: This is a new section in my etsy shop which has fiber art based on dreams – €”I’m calling them Fiber DreamScapes. These can be custom-ordered, tailored to you and a dream of your choosing; they can be made from a dream you write-up and send me, or a dream which we first work on together. Check out a sample now at

Check out my store on Etsy for the small items you see here.
"Thank you for your gift. I didn't know what it was. I put it on my lap and started working with it, and was so relaxed! I was amazed!"
- Betty Pease, recipient of a draping lap labyrinth from her son and daughter-in-law

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