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Leaps and Bounds

Posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Last night I saw an amazing one-woman show called Leaps and Bounds, offered by The Affording Hope Project (; it was a beautiful, joyful, living creation myth played out on stage, and in the audience. Weaving together pieces of several cultures’ creation myths, as well as ideas about ecology and economics (and how we’ve been sold a bill of goods about scarcity which causes us to hoard).   Tevyn East offered us an opportunity to change our minds, right there and then, about how our future will play out. Ms. East is touring the country; don’t miss this chance to see and support this beautiful and hopeful show.

This idea of hoarding reminds me of an experience I had several years ago at a small but very popular cafeteria: At lunch, management put out a sign asking people not to save seats for themselves and, indeed, when people followed this request, the turnover was such that, just as you got to the end of the line and turned to look for a seat, someone was leaving. But if one person decided to save themselves a seat, out of the fear that there wouldn’t be one for them when they were ready to sit down, then the system broke down, and people started having to stand around, holding their trays, waiting for someone to get up and leave.


Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

This is Wayne Dyer’s message for March 30. I read this as I am eating my breakfast of poached eggs on pancakes, and I look at the exquisitely orange yolk of this organic, free-range egg from a friend’s chicken, and see how beautiful it is. It’s as simple as that. I look out my window and see this beautiful little stream flowing through what used to be a field of tomato bushes; the change is as beautiful as the former constellation. I am listening to my favorite online morning music station (Radio Heartland:, and I find the beauty in the bluegrass song, Stan Rogers, Elvis Costello, Randy Newman – even in the unidentifiable c/w song. Perhaps, if I listen closely enough, I might even find the beauty in a rap song; who knows? See if you can “select beauty as your focus” - today, tomorrow, and beyond.