Walking with Spirit(s)

I have a walkable labyrinth in my back yard (you can see it in the Guidance section of my website) whose path is defined by overturned wine bottles, and lined with pine needles. I love the metaphor of “walking with spirits.” I also love that the overturned bottles can hold various items, from tobacco offerings, to tea lights for late night summer solstice walks, to little stones and crystals that I drop in to acknowledge another walk. And I love that these items—especially the most shiny—are often removed from their holders. Usually they are simply deposited next to the bottle from which they came; sometimes they roll or are moved several bottles away; occasionally they disappear completely, perhaps to reappear several weeks or months later . Is it Spirit which is playing hide and seek with me? Is it animals? Is it the wind or an especially hard rain?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter; what matters is the walk, and what I discover about myself on the walk. There are shiny pieces of myself that sometimes disappear or get mislaid; sometimes they reappear, just when they are needed, and sometimes they disappear forever to make room for some other aspect to come forward.


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