Joy is our natural state, and laughter IS the best medicine

I invite you to try this idea on for a while. I liken joy to chi which is supposed to flow unrestricted through the body’s energy meridians, but occasionally encounters blockages which can be opened up through practices such as acupuncture or qigong. What often blocks the flow of joy are beliefs, like: “There’s a dark side to everything” or “I’m not meant to be happy” or “You can”t go around being happy all the time.” —   To which I respond, “Why not?” The Dalai Lama seems to, which is really amazing, given the history of his land and people. I am able to laugh about just about anything, but what occasionally gives me pause is what other people might think about my laughter — e.g., its “appropriateness” in certain circumstances. It is said that as the Buddha was approaching his own death and the need to appoint a successor, he chose the one who gazed into his eyes and laughed. How appropriate is that?

“One of the most common responses to the practice of gazing at the beloved is laughter.”  – Will Johnson, from The Spiritual Practices of Rumi

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