RE: Healing Path Quilts

From Betty Pease, recipient of a draping lap labyrinth from her son and daughter-in-law:

“Thank you for your gift. I didn’t know what it was. I put it on my lap and started working with it, and was so relaxed — I was amazed!”

From Steve Burt, who received a draping lap labyrinth after a motorcycle accident:

“Just to say, what a great comfort your quilt has been during my convalescence! During my time in the nursing home, especially, it was a ray of sunshine, showing the path back to my life.”

From Christine M., an experienced meditator:

“Sitting on the cloth labyrinth took my meditation practice to a whole new depth.”

From Cindy B.:

“Laurel’s guidance and cloth lap labyrinths allowed me to experience an inner connection I’ve never gotten with walking labyrinths.”

From Suzannah Tebbe-Davis, somatic therapist:

“My clients have expressed their awe and delight with the healing energy that emanates from Laurel’s healing quilt. Her compassion, talent and love, coupled with the power of the chakra symbols and labyrinths, radiate from this amazing quilt.”

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