Today I Killed a Dog

There was nothing I could have done differently; one moment the dog wasn’t there, the next he/she was. A man in a truck stopped and confirmed that for me, so why did I feel so awful? He tried to comfort me by saying, “I just read in Scripture yesterday that dogs and other animals have no Spirit; they just go back to the Earth.” If I believed that, then I would experience far less joy in life than I do, but I didn’t tell him that; I just thanked him for stopping and drove away. What gave me a glimmer of some comfort was something Abraham said about animals sometimes jumping in front of cars in order to drop their old bodies and move on to something new. Interestingly, when I replay the moment over in my mind’s eye, what I see is a dog dancing in front of my car just before I hit him/her. Dancing. It reminds me of a friend who died of a massive heart attack while dancing. He simply sat down with a big grin on his face and left. If I can believe Abraham, then I can only hope that I can leave this life dancing like my friend and the dog; please let me be that awake, and that joyful.

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