I’m developing a new blog (Transformation Through Play) for my work with The Transformation Game, I ran into a challenge and emailed the support crew at An answer came back very quickly, which completely answered my question in totally understandable terms, but what struck me more was the signature: beneath the support person’s name was the title, “Happiness Engineer.” I just had to smile, for this person was, indeed, a Happiness Engineer for me in two ways: I was happy with the ease of the “fix” and the promptness of the response, and he had gotten me to smile in the process. Rarely, if ever, do I smile when I run into computer problems.

How/where can you be a “Happiness Engineer” in your life? How can you get people to smile in circumstances which normally bring a frown and a curse? — Can we all be happiness engineers for each other?

Thank you to all the Happiness Engineers with whom I come in contact; may your numbers grow.

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