Summer Solstice

Last night I participated in a Global Heart Coherence/Summer Solstice Labyrinth walk. If you don’t know about HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative, please check it out: It is about bringing our collective hearts together in an uplifted vibration to bring energetic/vibrational coherence to the planet. While it is a global initiative, the experience of centering in your heart is very personal. We began with that – centering in our hearts – and then we walked the labyrinth. I was first. I danced my way through and, when I got to the center, I sat and, centered in my heart, waited. A dream from last winter came to me, a dream in which I was retrieving things from behind 3 doors, but in the dream I had only gone through 2; last night I went through the 3rd, retrieving my onederment.

This morning I feel sad and scared that I can’t/won’t live up to that possibility in each and every moment of my life. Of course,that;s a tall order for anyone; even the Dalai Lama forgets and swats and mosquitoes. So I’m trying to be gentle with myself, trust my intention to guide me, and know that will be good enough.

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