Ode to Clive

In spite of my excitement to join my family/friends in WI, I always approach a major trip with a little trepidation and reluctance to leave my home and routine, this year even more so because of the fact that my current cat companion, Clive, has been missing for nearly three weeks. He’s done this before; shortly after his arrival at my house (at age 4 or 5) he went on an eight day kitty walkabout, so I know he has the chops to survive. But three weeks is a long time, and I am worried that he will come home and find it empty and just keep on going. I have friends looking out for him, ready to take him in, and I keep sending him loving thoughts – I am so grateful to have found him and be sharing my home with him – but I am worried, nonetheless. So here is an “ode” for Clive:

I was looking for a cat, but not for him,
A tabby staring at me from my vet’s wall
With a caption reading, “I need a home.”
I found, instead, a black beauty named Hades
Who reminded me of a previous friend
But he was taken from me after just 45 minutes.
Back at my vet’s office several weeks later,
Clive, from his picture, continued to call
“Pick me, pick me, pick me. –
I made the call, and went to meet this fellow
Who, unlike Hades, seemed aloof and carefree.
I told his human, – If he is here when I return,
I will take him home with me; we’ll see. –
And this outdoor enthusiast was there,
Cried all the way home but,
After sniffing around for 15 minutes,
Came and curled up in my lap.
The agreement was this:
You get to be who you are, and I will be myself,
And within that container the bonds of love grew.
Now I cannot imagine life without his loving nonchalance.
Please, Clive, pick me, pick me, pick me.

Complete trust


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