The Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox, a review

This is an amazingly fresh take on dreams and their possibilities, both positive and ‘negative.’ The idea is that there is a place, overlaying part of our planet, which only certain people called dreamhunters may enter; other folk just keep seeing the same view of earth, while the dreamhunters enter a completely different land. This Place is not mapped in the same way as we usually map things, by geological entities but, rather, by the type of dream which the dreamhunters can ‘catch’ there and then bring back to share with others in places called dream palaces. While some of these dreams are nightmares, most are at least benign, while many are comforting, exhilarating, and/or healing. There is a second book in this ‘duet’ called ‘Dreamquake’; I’ll review that book when I have finished reading it.

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