2012: Tending Relationships with Self and Others through the Transformation Game

I hope 2011 came to a good end, and that you are now welcoming the New Year and new growth.  Bonnie and I are gearing up for a great new year by setting some intentions for ourselves!  One is to ignite ‘couples’ to avail themselves of the opportunities the Transformation Game has to offer.  Our focus is to encourage the idea of “tending” relationships with self & others.  Relationships can be of all kinds: mother/father & daughter/son, self & partner, self & parents, self and boss, self and the past…..  We are always in relationship!

Our Game schedule will offer players some new days of the week to play.  And of course, we are still doing G.O.D.- Games on Demand!

Another intention we have set is to facilitate a minimum of 10 games this year. We’re hoping you will help us get the word out.

Wishing you all a very good year,



Currently scheduled game dates:

Jan. 28th — 12:00-5:30pm

Feb. 11th — 1:00- 6:30pm

Feb. 20th —  1:00-6:30 pm

Feb. 26th —  1:00-6:30pm

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