What is being fetched?

Just because it is so cute, and he wins my heart every time he does it, I’m posting a video of Trip playing ‘fetch.’ (As soon as I can make it work, that is.) Although you don’t see my throwing the toy (a wand handle with a long strip of flannel attached), you do see Trip bringing it back to me, which he will do for an hour at a time, if I keep up my end of the game. Which makes me think about repetition — the way many of us love to watch the same movie over and over again, or play a passage on the piano incessantly, or walk a labyrinth every day, if we have the chance. Although they may look or sound the same, each walk is different, just as each round of fetch is a little different, as Trip brings the toy more (or less) close to me before dropping it, or leaps up in the air to catch it rather than having it sail on past him. I miss my daily labyrinth walks; two days ago I would have encountered snow on the path which, yesterday, would have been muddy, and tomorrow might call for a t-shirt rather than winter jacket. Still, as I wind my way through my internal labyrinth, I note the daily changes in my innerlandscape, or is it just where I point my gaze? In any case, it is up to me what I choose to fetch back from each of those journeys; today, it is lightness of heart as I play fetch with Trip.

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