Review of DreamQuake by Elizabeth Knox

Book 2 of The DreamHunter Duet

I’m going to have to read this book again to garner all the subtleties with which Knox fills her follow-up to The DreamHunters. I can’t even begin to enumerate all of its themes, which include: questions about fate, how dreams are formed, questions about their reality and/or truth, the possibility of alternate realities, the concept of living a life forward towards an already existing version of oneself, and whether or not dreams can/should be used politically.

One type of DreamHunter is the Soporif, and one ‘master’ dream (which can overshadow all others) is ‘Contentment.’  A major political figure in DreamQuake decides he is going to use these two elements to render large portions of the populace, especially DreamHunters, content to the point of being completely ineffectual. He seems to be doing this both for his own nefarious purposes, and because he believes that he is doing right by his constituents. This could be a reflection of our own world’s use of television and advertising.

The culmination of DreamQuake was somewhat unexpected, though hinted at throughout the book. I’ll leave it to you to decide what, exactly happened, and how, since I’m still trying to figure it out myself.


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