The Gold at Rainbow’s End

Yesterday evening I was frustrated by a lengthy process I had just gone through without obtaining the result I wanted. It was raining really hard, which I love listening to, so I tuned in, and then I realized it was sunny.  RAINBOW!!! I thought, and raced outside, and there it was, and it was actually coming to ground. . . right in my field! I ran inside and grabbed my camera, hoping it would last until I got back out there; it did! My spirits lifted, and I stayed with this new vibration all evening, and then called it forth again this morning, as I set my intentions for the day. And, at 9:30am another “miracle” occurred! So, I’m going to make several prints of this picture and place them in strategic locations around my house to remind me that I get to choose my emotional state of being (which might actually translate into more miracles).

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