Dream: An Energetic Tsunami






Last week Western North Carolina endured several days of torrential rains, which were supposed to be followed by several inches of snow. Luckily, those never came, though the freezing temperatures still left me with a car which was like an ice cube; it took me 45 minutes to chip my way into it and get it started. On my way out my driveway that morning, I discovered that the creek which had swollen to three times its usual size had spilled over my driveway, but not enough to impact my departure.

About a week before the rains came I had this dream: I was a passenger in a car heading for a friend’s house on the northern outskirts of Duluth, MN. We were driving right next to Lake Superior, and it had been raining for a long time, long enough that the lake was overflowing and spilling onto the roadway. We stopped to consider our situation; upon getting out of the car, we realized there was only about an inch of water on the roadway and we would most likely make it to my friend’s house. Before we got back in the car, I looked ahead and saw a tsunami about 200 yards ahead, coming right towards us. I grabbed hold of the car door handle, thinking to hold on; my friend said the force of the water would probably drive the car right into us. I let go, closed my eyes, and just relaxed; when I opened my eyes a few moments later, the tsunami was gone and I was fine.


1. On a purely literal level, this dream predicted upcoming events in my life quite well and suggested that, as long as I remained emotionally calm, I would be fine.

2. On a metaphorical level, there is a lot of information in this dream, only one aspect of which I will touch on here. A few months before this dream, I actually had another dream which, energetically speaking, was almost exactly the same. In that dream I was also a passenger in a car, this time high atop a mountain. We were circling a meadow and a rear tire went over the edge, followed by the rest of the car. In this dream, too, I closed my eyes and relaxed into the situation, and everything was fine.

Physically, and in other respects, there is a lot of strong energetic movement right now. My dreams suggest that, for me, the best response is to relax into such a situation and let the energy flow in/around/through me, and everything will be fine; I will be fine.

Interestingly, since having these dreams, I seem to have some heightened perceptions of the energy which is flowing around me. And, I am, for the most part, remaining quite relaxed about it. And my life is flowing quite well right now.

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