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Posted on Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Recently, a friend was giving a presentation about her creative/healing journey, which included a dream. Knowing that I do a lot of work with people around their dreams, she asked me if, after the presentation, I would tell her what I thought of her interpretation; I agreed.


Wonder of wonders, this experience actually highlights what I tell people all the time: Do NOT rely on so-called dream dictionaries, as YOU, the dreamer, are the best interpreter of your own dreams. So, when you give feedback to another dreamer, it is useful to preface that feedback with the phrase, “If it were my dream. . .”


In brief, the dreamer came upon a body of water which lay inbetween her and her goal, but there was a ladder there which she used to climb over the water and into the third floor of the building she was heading towards. She felt good about this accomplishment, which she viewed as reaching a more mature stage of her life without letting her emotions (the water) rule her life.


After the presentation, and the other attendees were gone, I went up to my friend, laughing. “If it were my dream, I would think that I had just avoided some useful information in my unconscious.” My friend thought for a moment, and then laughed along with me. Though water can and often does represent unconscious material, it doesn’t have to, nor does avoiding going into it always mean an avoidance of such material.


In hindsight, I think I was being influenced by a very powerful dream the daughter of a friend of mine had as she approached puberty (a very different time of life). She was trying to get to the other side of a river by crossing a bridge, but the bridge broke and she and other girls fell into the river which was filled with snakes. Though the girl heard the other girls screaming, she was peaceful, and had a very powerful encounter with a snake. Snakes often represent transformation, and this girl was clearly approaching a time of great transformation, and was doing so with a sense of peace and calm.


The girl needed to fall into the water and have her encounter with the snake; my adult friend did NOT need to go into the water to continue on her journey. In fact, what the dream seemed to say was that she was rising above old, unconscious, emotional patterns.


So. . .if either of these dreams were yours, what would you think? What lies beneath the surface of your psyche? What are your associations with water? (My relationship with water is mixed: I love taking showers, and I love being NEAR water and listening to its various sounds but, as a child, I had the felt experience of nearly drowning, which continues to color my feelings about water as something not entirely safe. Still, I recently had a dream about calmly facing a huge tsunami, and having it simply dissipate. So. . .my relationship with water appears to be evolving.)


Synchronicities, Part II: Dreams

Posted on Sunday, September 15th, 2013

BurgundySubaruI’ve been asking the universe for a new car to replace my aging, standard shift, Subaru. In a dream, I was given a burgundy Subaru Outback with automatic shift and 11,000 by my mother. In waking life, I was given a car to use for work—it was a burgundy Subaru Outback with automatic shift (but a little bit more than 11,000 miles). Close, but no cigar; at least, not yet. 🙂

A Magical New Year Begins

Posted on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Truth be told, this story begins back before Thanksgiving, when my indoor/outcoor cat companion Clive (a very large tabby) went missing. Around that time I had two dreams: I was clearing out a tunnel system which allowed two former black cat companions (Castor and Pollux) to go in and out without me opening a door for them; I was about to leave my house and heard a noise which, when I opened the closet door, turned out to be an emaciated cat who was a different color than Clive.

Eventually I determined that Clive had passed into the spirit realm, and I began my grieving process. I also knew that I would look for another cat, perhaps a reincarnated Clive, very soon. It began to be imperative when my house became overrun by mice. I looked at one shelter and found a cat who was nearly the spitting image of Clive. This cat, named Boogie, came immediately to me the first two times I went to visit, but did not budge on the third visit, and I left him there.
On New Year’s Eve, I got the message from a friend that the Asheville Humane Society was running a special on adoptions—$12. I had about 2 hours to get there before they closed.
Once again there was a cat who looked almost exactly like Clive, but he was unhappy and wouldn’t greet me. Given the lateness of my arrival, most of the cats had already been adopted, and it took several turns through the shelter before I really noticed Trip—the spitting image of my two black cats, Castor and Pollux. And, at age 4 months, he seems very small and emaciated compared to Clive. My two dreams were being played out before my eyes.
Those dreams, his color (my favorite), and his name, all led me to decide to bring him home with me.
It’s quite a change to have kitten energy in the house again after about twenty years with adults. He is lively, playful, energetic, enthusiastic—a true delight; just the kind of Trip I want to be on myself in this new year. And he seems to be quite happy to be a part of it.

Be Careful What You Wish For. . .

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

I was driving home from work, developing a plan for telling my roommate that our arrangement wasn’t working for me. (My recent trip to WI for Thanksgiving helped me clarify that I either want to live alone or else in a situation of a certain level of sharing — including an occasional meal which we co-create.) So I arrived home and my roommate came out of her room to announce that she was moving out. . .tomorrow! Well, the part of me that is concerned about money freaked out, but then I told myself (as I had on my recent trip) to relax/breathe/trust. I went back and forth between freaking and trust a few times before I actually began settling into something closer to excitement; yes, excitement about the possibilities. (Of using the second bedroom as a real studio, or perhaps a friend who is coming for solstice and will now have an actual bedroom to stay in might decided to move in for a while; the possibilities keep growing!) And then I went online to check/send some emails, and there were two, count them, two, with offers of money!

Re: Dreaming the NIght Awake

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

From Kaylene, member of the ASTD board following a board retreat at which I presented/worked with board member dreams:

“I really valued Laurel’s synthesis of the dreams; it was brilliant.”

Thank you, Kay!

Dreaming the Night Awake

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009

Want to know what to make of your dreams? I offer dream workshops, live or on c/d, in which you will learn things like: how to learn your dream language and how to create your own dream dictionary; how to ask your dreams to answer particular questions;  how to deepen your relationship with and understanding of your dreams; ways to enhance your memory of your dreams. Start now by going to sleep every night with the intention of remembering a dream which you will want to explore in the morning; go ahead and ask a question, as well, and assume that any dream – an image, sound, word, body feeling – is an answer to the question. Write your dreams in a special journal; add drawings, doodles, and ideas triggered by the dream. Above all, have fun. By dreaming together, we awaken ourselves, each other, and the planet.