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Dreaming the Night Awake

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009

Want to know what to make of your dreams? I offer dream workshops, live or on c/d, in which you will learn things like: how to learn your dream language and how to create your own dream dictionary; how to ask your dreams to answer particular questions;  how to deepen your relationship with and understanding of your dreams; ways to enhance your memory of your dreams. Start now by going to sleep every night with the intention of remembering a dream which you will want to explore in the morning; go ahead and ask a question, as well, and assume that any dream – an image, sound, word, body feeling – is an answer to the question. Write your dreams in a special journal; add drawings, doodles, and ideas triggered by the dream. Above all, have fun. By dreaming together, we awaken ourselves, each other, and the planet.