Re: Laurel’s teaching/consulting skills:

From students at the Minnesota Center for Shiatsu Studies:

  • Dr. Reinhardt’s wisdom and knowledge comes from a very calm, centered, empowered place; she is very open, welcoming, and loving.
  • Dr. Reinhardt was able to validate everyone’s experience while also respectfully offering new perspectives.
  • This workshop made me aware of my fears and what they do to me — how they disempower me and those around me; her groundedness was an example of what releasing fear can do.
  • The workshop was intense, and I enjoyed the overwhelming joy I experienced as I released fear.
  • Dr. Reinhardt embodies and models what she talks about.

From an anonymous professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Medicine:

“I hadn’t realized the extent to which medical education is based on fear. After hearing Dr. Reinhardt speak, I began teaching my students differently, and encouraged my colleagues to do the same. My students tell me it’s like night and day.”

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